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About us



For me to do this job well, you must be a complete discretion, it must be handled with strict confidentiality, because many of our clients, buyers or sellers, are known or will become, or simply do not want to spread their life.

That is why all our goods are not on our website, so our buyers are never referenced.

To do this job well, you must know vibrate, you must love beautiful things and being able to ignite a stone floor and cap worn by time, by a Versailles parquet cracking slightly, by volumes that impress you by a view that takes your breath away, by 18th woodwork steeped in history.

Doing this job, you must first of all love the “other” must know how to listen, understand, we must respect their choices and basic requirements. (Never offer 3 bedrooms so it is imperative to 4, even if all other criteria are met, it is a waste of time for everyone!).


One also needs to surprise, bring a real plus in finding a property to which the buyer would have never thought of, but that was underlying in his speech, but he has clearly expressed.

For me, it’s the role of a board. How I sold goods being convinced they corresponded perfectly with what my client was looking for, knowing that for me, the most beautiful phrase that can be heard in our profession of the mouth of a potential buyer, that is, “This is exactly what I wanted.” , I know I have done my advisory role.

But my advisory role, it is also, give you the best assessment of your property, by optimizing the maximum, without exaggeration, for sale as soon as possible, at the best price.


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